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Competitive positioning is an important decision for thousands of enterprises in their decision-making process. In addition, many financial investors use it for information on the players’ competitiveness in the market

While some charts deliver useful overviews, they quickly hit their limitations regarding client-specific competitive ratings. The IEC Dynamic Map has been designed to provide the best competitive positioning chart in the industry.

IEC Dynamic Map is a provider comparison methodology empowered by The IEC Group practitioner’s experience, research, and client feedback.

Research reports provide independent vendor evaluations and enterprise buying behavior clusters. Provider positioning is based on a neutral and independent research and evaluation process; participation in the study is free of charge.

The IEC Dynamic Map™ in a nutshell:

Vendor rating methodology

Average customer environment

20x20 Grid

Adjustable to specific client priorities with workshop support

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IEC Dynamic Map™

Global EOR Study 2024

Here is the global market research release on the employer of records (EOR) industry for 2024.

The study is crucial for understanding the trends, challenges, and opportunities businesses face when expanding internationally. 

As companies seek to establish a global presence, navigating the complexities of employment regulations, tax laws, and cultural nuances can be daunting. 

This research aims to provide insights into the EOR industry, including market size, key players, and emerging trends, to help businesses make informed decisions and succeed in their global endeavours.

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The IEC EOR Study for Sales

Discover the comprehensive insights of the Global Employer of Record (EOR) Study, and take your business to new heights with personalized consulting from our esteemed IEC Partners and Practitioners.

Global EOR Report 2024 in a nutshell:

  • Employer of Record Global Market Size & Growth Rate
  • The Market Outlook
  • 25 EoR Top Vendor Analized
  • IEC Dynamic Map™- EOR Quadrant, Geography Global

Science Lab Building

New York, USA

Long Gate Bridge

Malmo, SE

Enix Lawyer Building

Toronto, CA

Deep Sea Bridge

Athens, GR

Car Tech Building

Denver, USA

Nctech Building

Texas, USA

Vax Tech Building

Ontario, CA

Food Lab Building

Athens, GR

The 25 Best EOR Companies – IEC Elite Members

Our Global EOR Study 2024

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