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Introducing “The IEC Rebel’s Digest – Global Insights”: A bold addition to our publications, alongside IEC Executive Directions. 

This monthly newsletter delivers in-depth perspectives through weekly articles. Unafraid to challenge norms, “The IEC Rebel’s Digest” provides distinctive, potentially controversial viewpoints on current affairs. It caters to those seeking opinions, not just mainstream information. 

Covering diverse global expansion topics, it’s a vital resource for executives navigating international business complexities. Each issue delves deep, offering expert analysis, best practices, and actionable guidance. 

With insights from IEC Practitioners, who’ve guided global success, it’s your compass for elevated expansion strategies, HR management, employer of record services, and growth maximization.


IEC Rebel’s Digest September 2023

Article 1.1

How profit shifting poses an ESG challenge for expanding companies

Global expansion prompts companies to manipulate taxes through profit shifting, straining economies. G-20’s efforts falter as profit shifting endures, draining funds for vital services.

Lowering corporate tax rates, while tempting, invites financial instability. Embracing ESG principles, tax strategies reveal a moral stance, demanding inclusive financial guidance. Is it time to redefine tax ethics for corporate citizenship?

Article 1.2

Expansion markets: localise employer branding to win the war for talent

Global businesses expanding into new countries grapple with a glaring issue: their employer branding often fails to connect locally. Culture nuances are ignored, diversity overlooked, hindering talent engagement.

Some local Employer of Record (EOR) partners step in to bridge these gaps, ensuring effective talent recruitment. The choice between direct approaches and EORs becomes pivotal for success in securing local talent.

But be careful, many EOR buyers see this as a transaction—about cost reduction, flexible labour arbitrage, etc. It’s not about building a deep new capability. The branding part is important, but we don’t think it’s the most important issue. Most orgs learn this the hard way.

Article 1.3

Multilateralism: a guiding light in times of turmoil

Geopolitics wields unprecedented influence on international business. Amid this, rules-based multilateralism emerges as a stable guide, shaping governance and standards.

As nations align with global norms, they become safer markets for expansion. Companies can gauge adherence through organizations like World Justice Project and Transparency International, vital for informed growth decisions, but is this enough?

The Ukraine example illustrates that today’s stable may be tomorrow’s war zone, and that location strategy requires a risk management strategy.

Article 1.4

Businesses that don’t transform won’t perform

Rapid economic changes demand business leaders’ attention. Global and digital competition, along with unpredictable events like climate shifts and cybercrime, disrupt industries. The solution lies in embedding transformation as a core competency.

This “total enterprise reinvention” focuses on customer needs, adaptable talent, strategic partnerships, and ongoing refinement. A transformative culture becomes key for agile responses to unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

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