Leading Across Borders: The Power of Leadership in Global Expansion

In Article 12 of IEC Rebel’s Digest, we delved into the realm of leadership, particularly focusing on “The Empathy Revolution: Unleashing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership.”

Our exploration led us to the findings of a Gartner survey encompassing 500 HR leaders across 40 countries. This survey portrayed a sobering reality within the corporate landscape, highlighting the formidable hurdles organizations face in cultivating competent leaders and managers.

While the survey underscored the paramount importance of Leader and Manager Development in the eyes of HR leaders, it also unveiled a disquieting trend. A significant portion of managers finds themselves inundated by the ever-expanding scope of job responsibilities. Furthermore, a substantial majority lacks the essential skills required for effective change leadership.

As we venture further into the intricacies of leadership in the context of global business expansion, it becomes imperative to clarify a fundamental distinction. We must avoid the common pitfall of conflating management with leadership, as each plays a distinct yet complementary role in driving organizational success

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